Have you had issue with your baldwin lock your exterieur thumbpiece doesn’t work? Your mortise is it hard to operate? Does your ballknob handle keep coming off? Or any other issues?

we’re there to fix it right. Call us 514-836-9097






Have you notice lately some oil leaking on your door closet, or on floor? Does your door slam hard? Did you try to adjust your door closer while it was in still moving?

your door closer maybe damaged if oil start to appear and it required to be replaced, Give us a call and your door closer will be replaced at no time.

You have 3 choices depending on how many time your door will open and the position of your door outside in windy area.

  • Economic door closer
  • Medium door closer with back check valve
  • High quality door closer for windy area high volume openings 






Shabbath is coming and we need to get back in the house without a key, for years jewish people across usa and canada have installed mechanical lock from kaba Ilco 7102 which you need to manually lock the door and 7104 which is closing automatically once door is shut down close. for both they had differences to which is the right lock for you. take your time to choose the right lock both locks uses different measurement so the lock you required need to be chosen before making hole on your door. Also available 1000 series commercial grade.

  • KABA ILCO 7104
  • KABA ILCO 7102




DOREX 8500V panic hardware


Do you just installed new Dorex exit device hardware 2 pointes on your commercial door could be school, church, Synagouge, Mosques, industrial location? Have you encounters issues outside thumbturn when pressing down very hard to open, on from inside you have to push hard to exit? Your not alone, Many clients complain about the same issue, it is normal to have more difficult when installed Dorex device 8500V 2 pointe latch you need to deactivate both pointe latchs that create more difficulties to open, from inside it could be alignment issue, In Canada and some parts in northern states where it snow often issues may occur often du to weather changes. Dorex 8500V comes with 1 year warranty. when warranty finish maintenance  will required to keep lock intact good working condition. in picture above a church had issue kids couldn’t open door from outside since they are not strong to push down thumbturn, from inside they had to push hard to exit. sometimes Door closer adjustment could fix some issues.

  • 8505 Trim
  • Exit device 8500V


Read specs from Dorex

GMS Mx key restricted “Do not duplicate” SERRURIER SHAY 514-836-9097


Are you looking to cut gms key Mx 10 plug, cylinder or rim cylinder at serrurier shay locksmith we got our economic restricted keyway, GMS mx 10 key could only be duplicated by the original locksmith company. Few things you should know about that keyway.

– could not be duplicated at a hardware store

– uses regular pin

– choice between 5 pins and 6 pins

– key look like as high security thick key

– if mr james bond play with it low chances he could pick it.

– cost alot less them medeco lock including keys.

If your looking to avoid employees, friends, family members from duplicating your keys, GMS MX 10 secured key is your right choice at low cost.

Another way to secure better from James bond, we could install protected super strong spring to make it unpickable of coyrse when you’ll enter the key you will feel resistance.

if your still scared james bond will come and play with it its not your right choice, Medeco is.

CALL US 514-836-9097



Door Thickness: Interior: 1-3/8″ or 1-3/4″; Exterior: 1-3/4″ Raised Panel Thickness: Poplar Doors 1-1/8″; All others 3/4″ Flat Panel Thickness: 1-3/8″ doors get 1/4″ panel; 1-3/4″ doors get 1/2″ panel Construction: Doweled Cope and Stick Standard Doors are available in oak or poplar.

What is door thickness?

Door thickness is another factor that can affect how your door hardware fits during installation. All manufacturers make hardware to fit multiple thicknesses. Residential interior doors are usually 1-3/8” thick, while most residential exterior doors are 1-3/4” thick. If your door is neither of these measurements there may be adapters or extension kits that can be ordered to accommodate.

Contact us Or CALL: 514-836-9097 LINE OPEN 24/7

Standard Thickness 1 3/4
Thin door Thickness 1 3/8
Thick door is 2 1/4 Inch
Thick door is 2 1/2 Inch
Thick door is 3” Inch
Standard Holes 70MM -2 3/4
Older Style Holes 60MM 2 3/8


Coffres-forts Montreal | Montreal Safe / vault

 Sold, Serviced, Delivered and Installed

Montreal Safes Residential and Commercial

We sell safes, service safes, and since you can’t lift one, we deliver and install safes. Many sizes and types such as gun safes, jewelry safes, floor safes, wall safes, deposit safes, burglary safes, safe deposit boxes, TL15, TL30, TRTL-30×6 Safes.  Our Specialized safes team handling your future safes/vaults assures delivery without damage.

Safe Services

  • Safe combinations changed
  • Safes moved
  • Electronic Safe Locks Installed
  • Safe Opening if lost code We dont drill nor damage your safe!
  • A,B,C Rated Safes
  • Safes refurbished
  • Used safes sold here
  • We use the highest technology to open your safe safely GROUP 2 3 or 4 wheels!
Major Brands & Types

  • ABC and D Rated Safes
  • Adesco
  • Amsec
  • Bighorn
  • Biometric Safes
  • Browning
  • Browning
  • Cannon
  • Diebold
  • Drop Safes
  • Gardall



  • Gunvault
  • Hayman
  • High Security TL-15 safe
  • High securityTL-30
  • High Security TL-30×6
  • High security TRTL-30×6 safes
  • ISM
  • Kumahira
  • Liberty
  • Lagard
  • Lord
  • Meilink



  • Mosler
  • Mutual Jewel Vault
  • National
  • Pro Steel
  • Rhino by MUTUAL
  • Rosengreen
  • Sentry
  • S&G
  • SLS
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Tann
  • Vector
  • Winchester


Why Clients Choose Shay Locksmith® vs On-Line Low cost Montreal Locksmiths

Security & Accountability

  • Only our licensed and bonded technicians will install and service your safe.
    We provide a no obligation full security survey prior to purchase. This includes selection of proper safe size & type as well as location and installation evaluation and pricing.

Warranty & Service

  • Full manufacturer’s warranty (Labor/Service Not included)



All Locations

Find A Local Locksmith in Montreal Area! For Service Call 24/7 514-836-9097

Trouvez une Serrurier Locale a’ Montreal! Pour Service Appelez 24/7 514-836-9097



SHAY SERRURIER Locksmith Montreal, Quebec


We provide #1 best in locksmith and lockout services for the Montreal, Quebec.
• We offer Average of 30 minute response time for any emergency locksmith requests in Montreal, Quebec.
• We provide residential and commercial locksmith service including, master key, car locksmith, ignition, re-key, keyless and remote car keys assistance.
• Always offering a 24 hour locksmith for lockout emergencies throughout Montreal, Quebec.
• Honest Prices, Excellent Value, Free Estimates & Advice.

About Locksmith in Montreal, Quebec.

Our Company offers CAA Quebec member Promotional Discount $50-$150 on the spot, BSP certified locksmith services in Montreal, Quebec for personal, and commercial needs. We can handle any locksmith request ranging from lockouts, to high security lock equipment older Abloy Classic most popular key cutting Half moon style, High security Medeco locks, Mul-t-lock dimples key cutting, Maxtech locks (Look alike mul-t-lock key), for re-locking, with professional installations insuring product integrity. Get the best in Residential Locksmith and Commercial Locksmith service in Montreal, Quebec.

Our professionals are trained to use special care during their job, whether for automobile, home or business.

We handle all your locksmith needs from lockouts to high security equipment installations.

Along with excellent delivery in locksmith assistance, Our company offers outstanding customer service and guaranteed customer satisfaction 5 stars google Reviews all real reviews from people like you.

We provide the most complete and up to date locksmith and security services in the industry.

Shay Montreal locksmith #1 Montreal, Quebec. is capable of handling the most complex locksmith requests in the entire Montreal, Quebec., including large volume requests for new home and building development, custom home requests for locking and security surveillance, and much more…

Shay Montreal locksmith #1 Montreal, Quebec. technicians are up to date on all new locksmith products available in today’s market, and receive the appropriate training in order to maintain our company’s high standards for locksmith new product installations.

Our company’s primary goal is to ensure value to our customers with 100% satisfaction, fast and friendly services, at a reasonable price.

Call Toll Free 24/7: 514-836-9097

Serrurier Montreal Locksmith | Satisfaction Client 5***** | Serrurier Shay 514-836-9097 24h 7/7

Serrurier pas cher Montreal


Serrurier pas cher Montreal

Vous faites face à des problèmes de serrurerie, tels qu’une porte verrouillée avec clé à l’intérieur, Porte claquée ou coincée Dehors, Porte verrouillée et bien plus encore. Faites appel immédiatement à notre Compagnie de serrurerie à Montreal.

Nous proposons des prestations de qualité et à un prix bas. Nos serruriers a Montréal sont également présents pour toute demande de devis gratuit par telephone et sans engagement. Avec notre service serrurier pas cher Montreal, vous bénéficiez des prestations en urgence et ce, 24h/7j.

Ouverture porte claquée Montreal

Face à un problème de porte claquée à Montreal, vous n’avez plus besoin de paniquer avec notre Compagnie de serrurerie basée dans cette agglomération. Dès la réception de votre appel, Nous envoyons un serrurier immédiatement pour l’ouverture de porte claquée, Ferme a Montreal, sans destruction de votre serrure standard. Notre serrurier shay qui est pas cher Montreal met tout en œuvre pour offrir une solution rapide, afin que les clients puissent avoir accès à leurs locaux.

Pour l’ouverture de porte claquée, notre serrurier utilise des équipements adaptés et sophistiqués. Ce dernier fait en sorte d’ouvrir délicatement la porte sans abîmer sa surface initiale. Notre Technicien propose cette prestation à un prix raisonnable et acceptable, Toujour on donne le devis par telephone avant arriver checz vous, Donc vous payer le prix qu’on demande par telephone, On analyse votre porte le moment qu’on parle on trouve de solutions.

Ouverture de porte ferme à clés Montreal

Il peut arriver qu’une porte se ferme par un courant d’air ou par un geste malveillant et les clefs sont restées à l’intérieur. Face à ce genre de situation, il est intéressant de contacter un serrurier pas cher Montreal. Ce dernier a toutes les connaissances et savoir-faire pour une ouverture porte fermée à clés Montreal. Nos serruriers son munis des meilleurs outils pour ouvrir la porte dans de bonnes conditions et dans le respect des règles du métier.

Avec serrurier pas cher Montreal, les particuliers et professionnels peuvent bénéficier d’une intervention de qualité et Mois cher. Nous faisons en sorte de combler toutes les attentes des clients en proposant une grille tarifaire abordable. Pour cela, nous recommandons à nos clients de formuler une demande de devis gratuit et sans engagement. Cela leur permettra d’avoir une idée sur la fourchette de prix d’une ouverture de porte fermé et clé à l’intérieur dans cette agglomération.

Urgence serrurier Montreal

Besoin d’une urgence serrurier à Montreal?
N’hésitez pas à contacter notre serrurier pas cher Montreal. Ce dernier est en mesure à se déplacer dans les moindres délais pour une intervention rapide. Pour cela, notre artisan serrurier se sert des meilleurs matériels et moyens de transport pour arriver à temps sur le lieu d’intervention.

Urgence serrurier Montreal est un service ouvert tous les jours de la semaine et 24h/24, afin de satisfaire les attentes des clients. Ce service est assuré par un serrurier pas cher Montreal hautement qualifié et expérimenté en la matière. Ce dernier est en mesure d’offrir des prestations en urgence et à un prix bas.

Avec notre équipe de serrurier, les particuliers ont la possibilité de profiter d’un service personnalisé et surtout à moindre coût. Nous leur offrons une urgence serrurier la nuit, les jours fériés, le weekend à un prix forfaitaire.

Ouverture porte rapide Montreal
Ouverture porte urgence Montreal
Ouverture de coffres-Forts Montreal
Changement de combinaison de coffres-Forts Montreal
Ouverture porte Cylindre Montreal
Ouverture fillier a’ Montreal
Ouverture porte euro Montreal
Ouverture porte boite aux lettres Montreal
Ouverture porte électrique Montreal
Serrurier ouverture porte Montreal
Ouverture Porte Montreal
Changement serrure Montreal
Ouverture porte appartement Montreal
Ouverture porte GACHE POIGNEE Montreal
Ouverture porte industrial Montreal
Ouverture porte maison Montreal
Ouverture porte Tout vitrer Montreal
Ouverture porte commercial Montreal
Ouverture porte pas cher Montreal
Ouverture porte metalique Montreal
Ouverture porte partout a’ Montreal
Ouverture porte studio Montreal
Ouverture porte services Montreal
Ouverture porte cylindre Montreal

Solve your lockout problems FAST.

Locked Out? Lost Keys? Need Locks Changed?

Get Fast Affordable locksmith service anytime you need 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are a CAA Quebec Certified locksmiths. 24/7 Shay Locksmith has been serving Montrealers for the past 10 years. Our Locksmith Professionals are trained and certified technicians. We are very knowledgeable of all types and makes of locks, mechanisms and keys.

Emergency Locksmith Services :


  •   –   Autos Unlocked (Same price on all makes & Models)
  •    –  Onsite Lost Key Replacement
  •    –  Professional locksmith we open doors without breaking your lock.
  •    –  Mailboxes lock replacement and opening (Metal-Rousseau)
  •    – 24/7 514-836-9097
  •    –  Arrival within Approx 30 minutes
  •    –  Immediate response to homes, businesses, cars
  •    –  We Change, Repair ,Replace & Install New Locks


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