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Bienvenue à la Serrurerie shay à Montreal : la sécurité est notre priorité !
Bénéficiez de nos plus de 11 ans d’expertise en matière de serrurerie.
Vous avez besoin de réaliser des travaux de serrurerie à Montréal ou en banlieue, nous vous apportons nos services pour les travaux de serrurerie de toutes portes et toutes marques :

Clé perdue, clé cassée, porte claquer ou serrure grippée, nous intervenons chez vous sur devis gratuit et sans engagement pour vos ouvertures de porte standard ou haute sécurité, remplacement de cylindre, remise en état après un cambriolage ou toute installation de serrures toutes marques. Nous effectuons la reproduction de tous types de clés et nous changeons tous les types de serrure.
Vous êtes bloqués dehors ou coincée dehors, et avez besoin de trouver un serrurier à Montreal en urgence, nous intervenons chez vous au plus vite pour vous dépanner.
Nos serruriers sont capables de réparer ou procéder à l’ouverture des derniers modèles de portes, ou vous dépanne d’urgence pour un remplacement de serrure ou toute autre réparation. Votre serrurier est ouvert tous les jours pour les dépannages d’urgence à Montréal et sa banlieue, y compris samedi et dimanche.



Pourquoi faire confiance à notre serrurerie à Montréal?
  • Prix 
  • Qualité 
  • Rapidité 
  • Honnêtes 
  • Retour de clients (Client répète) 
Prix forfaitaire (tout est compris, pas de surprise)
Ouverture de porte semaine :  $95+
Ouverture de porte semaine de 19h à 22h : En ce moment, $135+
Ouverture de porte week-end V-L (5pm-8am) : $175+

veuillez nous appeler ! 514-836-9097 24 7/7




Have you notice lately some oil leaking on your door closet, or on floor? Does your door slam hard? Did you try to adjust your door closer while it was in still moving?

your door closer maybe damaged if oil start to appear and it required to be replaced, Give us a call and your door closer will be replaced at no time.

You have 3 choices depending on how many time your door will open and the position of your door outside in windy area.

  • Economic door closer
  • Medium door closer with back check valve
  • High quality door closer for windy area high volume openings 




Door Thickness: Interior: 1-3/8″ or 1-3/4″; Exterior: 1-3/4″ Raised Panel Thickness: Poplar Doors 1-1/8″; All others 3/4″ Flat Panel Thickness: 1-3/8″ doors get 1/4″ panel; 1-3/4″ doors get 1/2″ panel Construction: Doweled Cope and Stick Standard Doors are available in oak or poplar.

What is door thickness?

Door thickness is another factor that can affect how your door hardware fits during installation. All manufacturers make hardware to fit multiple thicknesses. Residential interior doors are usually 1-3/8” thick, while most residential exterior doors are 1-3/4” thick. If your door is neither of these measurements there may be adapters or extension kits that can be ordered to accommodate.

Contact us Or CALL: 514-836-9097 LINE OPEN 24/7

Standard Thickness 1 3/4
Thin door Thickness 1 3/8
Thick door is 2 1/4 Inch
Thick door is 2 1/2 Inch
Thick door is 3” Inch
Standard Holes 70MM -2 3/4
Older Style Holes 60MM 2 3/8


Vente de toutes les marques serrures

Nous vendons tous les marques de serrures suivent: Assa Abloy (Ancien Cle Classic Demi lune), Arrow, Assa, Adams Rite, Russwin Corbin, Dorex Canaropa, Kaba Dorma, Halsco, Maxtech keys, Medeco (Assa Abloy Group), Mul-t-Lock (Assa Abloy Group), Sargent, Schlage, Viro (Italy), Yale,  Bcp Plus….

Serrurier Montreal 514-836-9097

Montreal Locksmith 514-836-9097




Do you live in 4950 BOUL DE L’ASSOMPTION in MONTRÉAL QC   H1T 0A3 Most likely you have issue closing your door or yo just Want to replace new keys, We can do it, call us 514-836-9097.


Peso Strike, EFF EFF Strike or other marks strike issues.

You came to the right place, At shay locksmith we get those issues often, Most cheaper brand strike usually installed in Duplexes, Appartement buildings, and some business. here is a few things you need to know. Manufacturing compagnies advise wholesales THAT THERE IS NO WARRANTY on all strikes including RCI strike. The moment its installed warranty is void. Most locksmith going to recharge you for the strike. it has approx. 150-300 lbs force which is very low and strike/latch could easily break. to Avoid this issue we have special brand which is heavy duty strike full metal could hold up 800lbs of force we’ve tested in a building where 3 strike broke in a year. since we replaced there is no issues anymore. 

  • Door open without calling the tenant?
  • Strike had click noise every time you pull door?
  • Door stay open all time. 





Break-ins Damage We can fix it.

When your door is commercial in case of break-ins (Vol Par Effraction), There is not much we can do to fix door to be as original state, what we can do is to re-do either on top or bottom frame new hole as what happened to our client. Call us 514-836-9097


Locks Installation On New/Old Doors

Usually new doors doesn’t comes with the holes for the locks, or sometimes people wants to install a deadbolt above an existing doorknob and there is no hole for it. The process of drilling new lock hole called: “Fresh Installation of Lock”. A fresh lock installation will require drilling holes on the door and into the door-frame. Fresh lock installation can be done on wood and metal doors, we recommend to use different types of locks for wood doors or metal doors. SHAY locksmith can help to drill the holes and to install the right locks for your doors. At Shay Locksmith we offer fresh lock installation service for all types of doors and locks. We use the most professional locksmith tools so you can count on us to complete the job right. Feel free to call us with any question or request.


Skilled and Experienced Team for Locks SHAY LOCKSMITH Services

In addition to providing standard locks service we also offer high security locks service. We can install high security locks for residential and commercial properties. A high level of high security lock can guarantee your property is safe. If you are consider installation of high security locks, call our professional to hear more about types, brands, and style of high security locks. 514-836-9097 24/7

  • Medeco locks Montreal 
  • Mul-T-Locks Montreal
  • Abloy Locks Montreal
  • CX5 Locks Montreal

Emergency Lock Changes Service – Available 24/7

We understand that many customers need an emergency locksmith to take care of locks change services after a break-in or to increase the security of a space after any type of threat. Our locks change mobile technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of all types of lock replacements and new lock installations immediately. We offer some of the most affordable rates on all lock installation services in the area and can take care of ANY Locks job quickly. 514-836-9097 24/7

Perdu le Cle du Camion? Coincee Dehors de votre camion? Shay Unlock Big Trucks & 18-Wheelers 24h

At Shay Locksmith we Unlock Big Trucks and 18-Wheelers

Trucks truly do represent an essential portion of the network that connects all producers and clients.

Regardless of what could happen from daily basis, the fact remains truck freight must get from the dock to the end client FAST. When a truck driver of one of these trucks is locked out or may his or her truck keys. We take this very seriously and are eager to help ASAP solve your problem!

At Shay locksmith we unlock Automobiles/Vehicles. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Ford truck or a Frieghtliner truck. Prius cars or Peterbuilt truck. Mazda cars  or Mack trucks, or something else like an Kenworth truck or International trucks. We don’t really care what you drive! If you are locked-out or have no other keys, You’re stuck! Don’t be late for your deliveries! Give us a call! 514-836-9097 Shay locksmith in Montreal is ready to assist you NOW! Day or Night. Typically we can have a locksmith on site within 30-45 minutes. 

  • Key replacement Kenworth
  • Key replacement Freightliner
  • Key replacement International
  • Key replacement Mack
  • Key replacement Ford
  • Key replacement Peterbuilt
  • Key replacement Volvo
  • Key replacement GMC
  • Key replacement GM

Generally speaking, if it locks, we can must unlock it! For any Reason we cannot help you get inside your vehicle, it won’t cost you a Cent $0. We are here to help you not scam you!


Call SERRURIER SHAY LOCKSMITH 24H at 514-836-9097 for any of these services:

– Emergency Lockout
– Master Key Duplication
– Key Extraction
– Safes Repair & Opening
– Panic Bar Installation
– Transponder car Keys
– Remote Access Keys RFID 125
– Key-less Entry Units Emtek, Schlage, Smartsense or Weiser Smartcode


– Keys Made
– Stuck Keys
– Broken Keys in Lock
– Broken Keys in Ignition
– Change Locks
– Lock Purchases
– Motorcycle Keys
– Cabinet Locks


– Eviction Services
– Lock Replacement
– Doors & Windows
– Security Windows
– Truck Keys, Mack, Freightliner, Western, Volvo, Kenworth so on.
– Key Shells Replaced
– Re-Key Door locks Commercial, Residential, Industrial
– Vintage Locks & Skeleton Keys



Eviction Locksmith in Montreal

It’s the hope of every real estate investor that their tenants will responsibly pay their rent every month. Unfortunately, sometimes landlords must resort to evicting unpaying renters when they’ve failed to fulfill their end of the agreement. In every city, including Montreal, there are court proceedings and legal obligations that must be met before the eviction can be finalized. Once all compulsory actions have been conducted, it’s vital that you hire a professional at Shay Locksmith that can assist the officer and immediately change out or rekey the locks on your property. If this step is ignored, the tenant can get back onto the property after being evicted, and there’s a chance you might have to start the legal process all over again. 

Shay Locksmith proudly provides eviction related services in Montreal, Quebec and the following cities:  Deux-Montagnes, St-Estache, Laval, Chateauguay, Hudson, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Repentigny, Boucherville, Longueuil, Brossard, Candiac and more.

Landlord Eviction Assistance

Shay locksmith, like those who work for Shay Locksmith in Montreal, always go the extra mile to secure your property and keep it safe from reentry. There are a wide variety of locksmith services we provide for landlords including:

  • Repairing and Replacing Damaged Locks and Keys
  • Rekeying or Changing the Locks on Outdoor Buildings Such as Garages and Sheds
  • New Keys and Locks for Doorknobs Inside the Property
  • Replacing Window Locks
  • Replacing or Re-keying Gates and Locked Mailboxes
  • Door Reinforcements to Help Prevent Break Ins

Canadian Banks Foreclosures

Renters aren’t the only ones who get evicted from time to time. If you are a mortgage lender that deals with foreclosures, it’s a good idea to have a professional locksmith company like Shay Locksmith is on your team. We offer high quality service at very affordable prices. Evictions can be emotional, but foreclosures can be exceptionally so. Often times, people become very attached to their home, and if the family has been escorted off the property, there is a chance that a disgruntled person may try to reenter the property and attempt to vandalize the house out of anger. 

Subletting and Roommates

Do you have a vacation property that you rent out when not in use? Is there an extra room that you list on sites like Airbnb regularly? Do you help offset the cost of your mortgage by living with roommates? If so, then it might be a great idea to rekey your locks frequently. It’s a good practice to switch locks anytime someone has had a copy of your keys and you don’t want them to have access to your property anymore. Thankfully, Shay Locksmith provides lock change and rekeying services in the Montreal area that are both fast and affordable. 

If you need help to change your locks during or after an eviction, give us a call Shay Locksmith in Montreal, Quebec. We are experienced in dealing with eviction proceedings and will work in conjunction with police officers to rekey or change out the locks on your property while your tenants are being escorted away from the house, apartment or commercial property. Contact us 514-836-9097 today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional Montreal locksmiths.